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Recycling Restaurant Crayons – A Colourful Solution to a Wasteful Problem

Picture this: you’re at your favorite family-friendly restaurant. Your child is given a pack of crayons and a paper tablecloth to scribble on while waiting for their meal. The joy in their eyes as they create colorful masterpieces is priceless, but what happens when the meal ends? Those once-new crayons are left behind or taken home, only to be forgotten.

Across North America, millions of these barely-used crayons end up discarded every year – an overlooked contributor to our ever-growing waste problem. But fear not! Innovative companies like Say it With Crayons have found a creative solution that turns this waste into opportunity by recycling these vibrant tools of creativity.

Say it With Crayons process involves collecting leftover crayon pieces from restaurants across the continental USA and Canada, giving them new life. These cast-aside colours are melted down and reformed into fresh batches of Rainbow Crayons with multiple colours like red, orange and green in one single crayon; each crayon has a very unique in its blend.

This simple yet effective initiative does more than just prevent wastage. It has significant environmental benefits as well. By diverting these materials from landfills, we reduce harmful emissions associated with decomposition and incineration processes often used in waste management facilities.

Moreover, it presents an excellent learning opportunity for children about the importance of recycling and sustainability. Imagine teaching kids that their old green crayon could become part of someone else’s orange masterpiece! This hands-on experience can help instill values around conservation early on in life.

So next time you’re dining out with your little ones remember – those abandoned restaurant-table crayons can colour much more than just paper placemats! If you are a restaurant chain looking for a reliable partner in your recycling efforts please get in touch with Say it With Crayons.

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