Recycling used Crayons to create new colourful Crayons

Recycling used Crayons to create new colourful Crayons


We all know that recycling is a great way to help the environment. When you recycle, you’re helping reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills and oceans. But did you know that recycling crayons can also help save the planet?

That’s right! Recycling used crayons means less plastic going into landfills and oceans. And when we make new crayons out of recycled ones, it saves energy and water too! So if you have some old used crayons laying around your house right now, think about putting them in your recycling bin instead of throwing them away. Your kids will thank you for it!

What do we have to say about this?

  • We’re a non-profit organization that collects used crayons and turns them into new ones.

  • Our goal is to collect and recycle broken and used crayons, turning them into new products that bring joy to children.

Why is recycling crayons important?

Recycling crayons is important for a number of reasons. First, it reduces waste by repurposing crayons that might otherwise end up in landfills. Second, it conserves natural resources by reducing the need to extract new materials to make new crays. And finally, recycling can help save energy as it takes less energy to recycle than it does to extract new materials from nature.

How does recycling crayons help the environment?

Recycling crayons is a great way to reduce the need for new materials. As you know, mining, processing and transporting virgin materials is an energy-intensive process. By recycling these already-used crayons, we can reduce the amount of fossil fuels used in their production and transportation. In addition, when we recycle away from nature’s resources it helps keep our planet green and healthy.

The benefits of recycling don’t stop there! Recycling crayons also reduces waste going into landfills by reusing what was once considered trash as new art supplies! This helps save valuable space within our landfills while promoting creativity at the same time!

Where does Say it with Crayons collect used crayons from?

Say it with Crayons collects used crayons from schools, daycares, and families. In the case of schools and daycares, we require permission from the principal or manager before collecting their used crayons. We also accept donations at our office location in Toronto.

Used crayon can be collected in a few different ways: broken and whole used crayons (including unopened boxes). The easiest way to do this is by requesting that people leave their used crayon collection outside their classroom door or cubicle for us to pick up later that day. This method works best when you have multiple classrooms participating as it allows us to collect all items at once rather than coming back later if no one has left items outside yet! In addition to this method of collecting used crayons we accept full boxes of new colourful Crayola products at our office location in Toronto. These products are then sorted into types so they can be melted down into one single batch of recycled coloring material which will be sold under the name ‘Say It With Crayons!’

Where will the new crayons be distributed?

The new Crayons will be distributed to schools, daycares and community centres so that all children can benefit from them. They’ll also be sent out to individuals who have a creative project in mind, or who want to create something new with them.

How can you help recycle crayons?

You can help us turn your old crayons into new ones by:

  • Donating them to Say it with Crayons

  • Donating them to any local charity

  • Donating them to a child’s birthday party or school art program

Recycling crayons is an important and creative way to do your part in helping the environment while also bringing joy to children.

Recycling crayons is an important and creative way to do your part in helping the environment while also bringing joy to children. There are many benefits to this simple activity, including:

  • It reduces waste by repurposing old crayons that might otherwise end up in landfills.

  • It allows you to get creative with your craft projects by creating new colourful crayons.

  • Recycled crayons can make great gifts for kids and adults alike, so it’s a win-win situation!


It’s important to remember that the world is always changing and we cannot stop that. But we can do our part in helping it along by recycling crayons and other materials, like plastic or paper. In doing so, we are helping ourselves as well as future generations. So next time you see an old crayon lying around don’t throw it out, instead take a moment and think about what could happen if this crayon was recycled into something new!

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